Wednesday, December 15, 2004

My Friend Meryl

In light of the opening of Lemony Snicket this week, I thought I would tell you about my friend Meryl. Yes, Meryl Streep.

In the summer of 2000 my daughter was visiting colleges. We were sent outside to join another young lady and her mother for a tour. Before we set out, the guide asked us to introduce ourselves. The mother turned to me, extended her hand and said "Hi, I'm Meryl", I was shaking the hand of Meryl Streep!! It was all I could do to maintain a straight face and reply, "I'm Linda".... My brain was going a million miles an hour, I was meeting my all time favorite actress, and I've got to stay cool and act like she's just another mom, with me on a college campus tour with our daughters. Yeesh!!! Believe it or not, I maintained my composure for the afternoon, mostly because I didn't want to embarrass my daughter, and also because my friend Meryl is so charming and easy going. We chatted kids, computers, dorms and (my favorite) she explained black box theater to me. As we parted ways, she was digging in her purse for her keys (drove the Subaru wagon herself), she looked up at me and said "It was a pleasure to meet you." I hope I run into Meryl again some day ..... you never know!!!

Films worth seeing my friend Meryl in ... Kramer vs. Kramer, Silkwood, The Hours, Adaptation, The River Wild, Sophie's Choice, Marvin's Room, Death Becomes Her, Postcards from the Edge (she sings!) and Angels in America. Enjoy!!

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