Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday Flick Picks 6/5/09

Light comedy invades theaters this weekend with The Hangover, My Life in Ruins, and Land of the Lost. Up, Star Trek and Drag Me to Hell are all worth a look, especially Up. Newport International Film Festival is in full swing. Moon, Entre Nos, That Evening Sun, P-Star Rising and (500) Days of Summer all good choices. Lots to pick from, film festival is a great place to be!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Got very behind here & glad the festival was good. This weekend I think I"m going to catch the Hangover as Land of the Lost looks really shaky to me and I never saw the TV show, so . . . Have a good one.

Linda said...

2D~Festival is a blast. Film Makers are an interesting crew. We have so many good ones here this year. Really nice folks too. Be interested to see what you think of The Hangover.