Saturday, June 06, 2009

NIFF 2009 Day Four

I'm a bit concerned that I keep waking up before the alarm with a minimal amount of sleep, but I'm going with it. Back to film festival today with just a few arrivals. The larger task of the day was scheduling all the departures for Sunday and recovering guests from the Gala down at the Rotunda on the beach. Ticket sales were brisk and discussion panels were going on in the next room. The place was buzzing, but we kept to the task at hand. I let Nina borrow my car to go get ready from the party and when she returned it, I was a passenger on the ride to the gala. She lives in NYC, so I think she liked getting behind the wheel, and I sure enjoyed being a passenger for a little while. Driving folks home from the party was an adventure, as much alcohol had been consumed and I received many thanks and a few kisses for the rides. There was a lot of film chat about movies people have seen over the last few days. It's a good program this year and the reaction has been very interesting. The films chosen for NIFF this year have generated some of the best film chat I've heard in a long time. Films that are generating the loudest buzz so far? Moon, Entre Nos, The Way We Get By, P-Star Rising, Humpday and (500) Days of Summer. More old friends arrived today, the reunions continue!

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