Friday, June 05, 2009

NIFF 2009 Day Three

What a day, here's how a big arrival day at Newport Film Festival went down for me:
Step 1:Go to work, take care of details for the day there.
Step2: Pick up film maker at airport, drop in Newport after helping him buy an umbrella.
Step 3: Pick up guest in Newport and take her to airport.
Step 4: Go back to work and run around like a maniac to get week finished there.
Step 5: Pick up film makers at train station and bring to Newport in the pouring rain.
Step 6: Get to chat with lots of film makers through the course of the day. What a friendly crew!
Step 7: Drive people from theaters to Boom Boom Room, because it is pouring rain.
Step 8: Home to bed, what a great day!

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