Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Flick Pick is Moon

I usually stick to RI openings on Fridays, but this week there is a limited release that is worth mentioning. Moon opens in NY & LA today, and then expands to places like Boston, Chicago and San Francisco the following week. I'm hoping it will be in small markets like RI by July. Moon is the story of an astronaut at the end of a 3 year assignment on the moon. Things begin to unravel and .... nuff said ... see it. Why do I care? Why do I want folks in NY & LA to see it right now? Two reasons. First, I saw this film at Tribeca Film Festival and was blown away. It is smart, clever, compelling and deserves to be seen on a big screen. Well written and produced, this is a gorgeous film and Sam Rockwell gives an outstanding performance. I love having a good film to recommend. Second, I met the young director, Duncan Jones, in Newport last week (I was his driver). He is polite, charming, smart, friendly, energetic, funny and hard working. This is his first feature film, and he has been working hard to get the film out to a lot of audiences. I want this guy to make more movies! If Moon does well, he'll have the room to do that. It's times like this that I wish I were a better writer, my reviews are often awkward. This reviewer does a better job than me, have a look. This interview with Jones says a lot as well, and I was at that screening! People often ask me what movies to see. These days my answer is one word, Moon. A film I can't wait to see again! See it!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Thanks for the information as I'd never heard of the film (but like Rockwell). And this driver gig seems like a fine one as you've met some interesting people along the way, eh?

Linda said...

2D~The Driver gig is indeed an interesting one. It's always fun when the fim maker climbs in the front seat (as Jones did) and we get to chat. Most are very friendly! I think you'd like Moon, it's scheduled to hit Austin July 10th. So glad I saw it at TIFF, it will be months b4 it reaches RI!