Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Hangover

I have been hearing great stuff about The Hangover for weeks now. Today I finally had time to see it and what a pleasure! Four men go to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, and they spend the film trying to recall their evening of debauchery and find the missing groom. Funny throughout, quick, tight, surprising, nothing dragged out. This could be the comedy of the summer for me. It earns it's R rating, this is not for the prissy. Leaving the theater, I was walking behind a couple and the woman said to the man, "you are NEVER going to Vegas". Hilarious door to door!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Ha. Glad you made it out to this one. Good stuff.

And I appreciated the 'Killshot' review (and was nervous about some of the things you mentioned) and 'Pelhalm' as I think I will wait for DVD for that one (been going back and forth).

Linda said...

2D~Hangover was a pleasant surprise (wow that sentence sure sounds funny). Pelham will be fine in DVD. Some of the action scenes are laughable. It has its weak points.