Sunday, April 06, 2008

Shine a Light

I've said it before, I'm not a big Rolling Stones fan. The film magic of Martin Scorsese enticed me to the local IMAX theater to see Shine a Light. The intimacy of the concert film is done well, climbing right on stage with the band. Mick Jagger is an amazing performer. Engaging the audience, the band, the backup singers, while ignoring the camera. His energy is astounding to me. Keith Richards and Ron Wood show a true joy for their music and their jobs. Charlie Watts shows how much physical energy goes into a performance, by a mug at the camera after one of the songs. Cute, and pretty funny. The film has a very light vibe, laugh out loud moments are sprinkled throughout. The editing and sound mixing work well. I got a true sense of the band's long love affair with music, performing and life. The first Stones song I ever heard was a cover of Brown Sugar, by a high school garage band, at my first high school dance. It's one of the last songs in the film, and it took me back. I sat there in the dark grinning like a fool ..... come to think of it, I was grinning for about 2 hours. Cool film that I'd, gladly, see again.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I bet this one was a lot of fun on the IMAX screen, although seeing Richards face that close might be a tad scary. ha.

I really liked what Scorcese did with the Bob Dylan documentary too.

Linda said...

2D~.... and The Last Waltz, if you haven't seen it already. Richards is pretty wild looking in IMAX (it was not 3D), but nothing could overshadow the true joy he has for the music and the performance. He was fun to watch!