Monday, April 07, 2008

Politics, Petrol, Puglists and Parody in DVD

All kinds of films out in DVD this week. Lions for Lambs is a subtle, thoughtful, political drama. The most impressive film of the year, There Will be Blood, is out in DVD as well. Intense, creative and startling, this period thriller within the oil business back in the day, is worth seeing. Resurrecting the Champ has a lot to say about ambition, drive and check your facts, when an old boxer seems to have reappeared. A parody of the music business, Walk Hard:The Dewey Cox Story is pretty funny stuff. Have a great movie week!


Toto said...

Still amazed that "Walk Hard" tanked while Epic/Date/Superhero/Scary Movies almost always make a nice buck. What gives?

Linda said...

Toto~ I've never been able to figure out the boxoffice successes and failures. How does Clooney come in 3rd last week!?!?! Watch Prom Night be #1 this week *yeesh*