Saturday, April 19, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Jason Segal wrote Forgetting Sarah Marshall as a way of dealing with his own romantic breakup. Laughter can truly be the best medicine. The story opens with Sarah Marshall dumping Segal's character, Peter. He becomes a pathetic mess, and goes on vacation, in Hawaii, to console himself. Unfortunately, Sarah and her new, rock star boyfriend, are at the same resort. It's awkward, it's uncomfortable, it's funny. Peter tries to pull himself together, acts like a decent human being, follows his dream and gets the girl (not who you think). Performances from this young cast are excellent. Awkward situations, nudity, crazy sex and clever dialogue bring the laughs. A good romantic comedy.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Thanks for the review as I was undecided about this one. I"m thinking a matinee sounds good, and I also read somewhere that it doesn't treat the typical break-up characters as pure evil which is a nice change for the genre.

Linda said...

2D~Matinee is perfect for this one, no expectations is helpful too. Remember, this is Segal's first screenplay, it is more heartfelt than structured. Fun stuff!