Thursday, April 17, 2008

Screen Scenes : Tribeca Bound 2008

On Saturday, I got on the Tribeca Film Festival website, excited for the opening of ticket sales. I was ready. List in hand, laptop ready to go. As usual, the site crashed. As I kept clicking forward - back - refresh - your order cannot be taken at this time - sorry for the inconvenience - try again *arrrrgh* !!! I broke tradition when my daughter Liza called to say hi, and had to hear my annual "Tribeca film site is down - I'm trying to buy tickets" tirade, (this honor usually goes to Melaine). In the end I scored tickets to three films (got sold out of two) and the resolution that I'll be in New York City, whose movie theaters offer a film festival-like selection every day ..... I think I'll be OK! I'm off to NYC on April 29th, stay tuned ......

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