Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TIFF 2008 Day One

I woke to the bustling street sounds of lower Manhattan. My hotel is at Chambers and West Broadway and the place looks different every time I come. There's a new building going up across the street, and the workers did not get the memo that I'm on vacation. "Yo Lou" were the shouts I awoke to. Better than the drunk at midnight, loudly swearing up a storm and folks on the street shouting "shut the f**k up!" Though I was annoyed, I smiled and thought, "Ahhh. New York!"

My daughter Melanie met me for an early lunch at Edwards, a quiet neighborhood restaurant. We chatted, babies (hers arrives in October), jobs (did I mention I'm on vacation?) and family. As we started to take a walk, the brisk breeze had us rethink our strategy and we sought refuge in the comfort of Church Restaurant in the Tribeca Grand Hotel. A lovely setting with comfortable couches, a handsome waiter with a charming accent, a Bloody Mary for me (did I mention I'm on vacation?) and warm chocolate cake for her, all is right with the world.

A quick subway ride uptown to meet my friend Lucy at the AMC 19. We had time for a drink at Sala, a charming Spanish tapas bar. Then back to the theater for the documentary Zoned In. The director and subject conducted a thorough Q&A. Down the street to Duke's for dinner. A down-home, southern themed restaurant, whose menu features comfort food (yay for meatloaf). Lucy and I had a great time, we parted ways in Union Square. My iPod ran out of battery on the ride home, so I ended my day the way it started.... with the sounds of the street.

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