Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Eddie Izzard : Live!

In 2002, I saw the film, The Cat's Meow. I was familiar with most of the actors, except the British actor, Eddie Izzard. My daughter knew all about him, and introduced me to his stand up act. Smart, clever, insightful and hilarious, I fell in love with the man and his comedy. Over the years, I have enjoyed him on audio and DVD, he is a regular on my iPod. I have tried to see him live in New York several times, but could never score tickets. On a road trip a few weeks ago, when he came up in the shuffle,I had the wistful thought, "I'm probably never going to see Eddie Izzard live." Imagine how stunned I was, the next morning, when I saw an ad in the Rhode Island Sunday paper for Eddie Izzard : Live, here in Providence. I flew to the computer, handed over my money, and became the proud owner of 2 tickets to his show, I was psyched! For weeks now, I've been positively giddy about the prospects of seeing this brilliant comedian, live. I am just home from the show, and I was not disappointed. A funny moment, for me, was when he walked out on stage, and I almost said out loud, "hey, that's Eddie Izzard!" Almost like I was surprised, it was an odd feeling. The man who has been in my ears for so long, was now standing in front of me, what a thrill! He was hilarious, poked good natured fun at Rhode Island, and how to make it one (practical bloke), demonstrated the beauty of Wikipedia on his iPhone and ran through history in his rambling, conversational way. He went on for 2 hours, looked fantastic (kinda macho in jeans and blazer) and returned to the stage after a standing ovation. I now feel exhilarated, ecstatic, exhausted and entertained, I've seen Eddie Izzard live ..... bravo!

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