Sunday, April 13, 2008

Street Kings

Street Kings was my third mediocre movie of the weekend, what the ?!?!? A decent story with poor execution, poor overacting (are you listening Mr. Whitaker?) and poor resolution. The cinematography was pretty cool, and it was a bit mind bending to see Hugh Laurie as a cop instead of a doctor (though I got a chuckle out of his character's first appearance in the film in a hospital ER) . This will be a decent DVD rental, but I'd recommend you pass in the theater.


2 Dollar Productions said...

That's what I figured from the trailer, but thanks as I was wavering.

Great review on Smart People as I saw it this weekend, and agree very closely with your assesment. I posted mine today as well.

Linda said...

2D~ This one was disappointing, wish it wasn't. I don't think I saw any trailers, that should have been my tip-off!