Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tribeca 2007 Day Four

I'm sitting in my pajamas, watching TV, goofing around on the computer this morning, and I get a text message from my daughter. She's early for work, and do I want to go for coffee? Goodness, didn't know I could get dressed and up to Canal Street in 15 minutes!! (Granted, she got me in the lovely state of ball cap, slapdash makeup, sweatshirt and sunglasses, but hey, I made it). We had a lovely visit in a Starbucks. She went to work, I strolled back to the hotel, smiling to myself as I walked down the street that served as the location for the film I had seen the night before. Properly showered and sans ball cap, I head up to Union Square to meet a friend for lunch at the Blue Water Grille (chocloate fondue for dessert, yum!). The east village was my daughter's home her freshman year at NYU, I haven't been up there much since. I was pleased that I remembered where things were and got around easily. There was a protest going on in the park (there often is) so we stuck to the streets for our walk to the theater. The film was the Gardener of Eden. We got to the theater and the line was going in. I thought this was odd, because we were pretty early. We showed our tickets at several points along the way, and when we sat down in theater I looked at the ballot I had been given for the audience choice award. We were at the wrong film! The guy who tore my ticket looked right at it. I think the volunteers are getting tired. We collected our ticket stubs, found the right line and had a good laugh. When we came out of the film, it had begun to rain, and neither of us had an umbrella, so we crossed the street and ducked into the closest pub, the Village Pourhouse, for a beverage. When the rain let up, a quick walk through Washington Square Park brought us to my favorite restaurant in NYC, Rocco. A wonderful little Italian restaurant on Thompson Street. The food is always tasty, the service warm and homey. I've been going there for years, and it never disappoints. When we finished dinner a thunderstorm was brewing, so we dashed to the subway, said our goodbyes and I headed back to the hotel. This city really wears me out. For two nights I have tried to watch Letterman. The night he had Kirsten Dunst on (on her birthday), I fell asleep during the monologue, the night he had Toby Maguire on, I think I fell asleep as he walked out for the monologue ..... yeesh!! Haven't seen many celebrity interviews since I've been here. Though I did use Youtube to watch Ellen interview Ryan Gosling. He told this great story about his Mom at the Oscars, that involved Meryl Streep. Very cute!


Abe Froman said...

No lunch at Katz's huh?

Linda said...

No films on the LES, so it looks like a Katz pastrami sandwich will have to wait for my next visit. ;)