Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Local Love for Brooklyn Rules

Director Michael Corrente paid a visit to my favorite morning radio show this morning. The occasion is the release of his new film, Brooklyn Rules. Corrente, a native Rhode Islander and veteran film maker, has chosen his home turf to open the film on Friday, May 11th, at the Columbus Theater in Providence. Should be quite an event! On May 18th, the film goes to limited release in New York, Boston and Los Angeles and, hopefully, wide release after that.

This film is set in Brooklyn in the 80's and Corrente described it as a cross between Stand By Me and Goodfellas. He gave a lot of insight to the film and film making. Gio and Kim asked great questions, it was fun to listen! Gio and Will had seen the film, and they loved it. Can't wait to see it myself!

My favorite Corrente films are Federal Hill, Outside Providence and American Buffalo. Check them out in DVD, and see Brooklyn Rules when it comes to your town!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Outside Providence & American Buffalo are excellent films.

Linda said...

I love Outside Providence, and watched the Red Carpet arrivals for the opening here in RI back in 1999!!