Thursday, May 24, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End

I have been looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean:At World's End from the moment I saw Captain Barbossa walk down those stairs at the end of Dead Man's Chest. I literally clapped my hands with glee! In honor of Disney's request of journalists and bloggers not to reveal plot twists and resolutions, I'll just make a few observations:

Know your pirates
Stay through the credits
Pirates are great when they are making fun of being a pirate.
The acting is stellar
Visual effects, A++++++
Dialogue is cheeky, pay attention ...... arrrrggggh

Can't wait to see it again, yo ho!!!!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I just left the theatre from seeing this one to miss the crowds. It felt like a convulted mess that still managed to entertain me (although nearly 3 hrs is excessive for ANY pirate movie).

I'm going to try to post a review sometime this weekend.

Linda said...

Good observation. The more I think about the mess, the more entertained I feel. That's why I want to see it again. I'll watch for your review ... happy Friday!!

Anonymous said...

I went to see Pirates friday night. I got to the theatre at 7:00 to see the 8:30 showing however it was already sold out. So I ended up going to the 9pm showing instead. The movie was really good however I liked the second one better. I did stay for the clip at the end of the credits. I usually don't stay for them but when i heard you on 92 pro fm on friday talking about it I just had to see what you were talking about. All I have to say about the clip is Very Interesting...

Linda said...

Yeah, they sure left the door wide open on that one. Fun movie! Thanks for the note, stay tuned ......