Monday, May 21, 2007

The Loveable and the Laughable in DVD

In DVD this week is the lovable Peter O'Toole in Venus. A dark comedy, with a lot of heart. O'Toole deserved the Oscar nom. In Letters from Iwo Jima, even at war, soldiers stay in touch with loved ones as best they can. A beautiful piece from Clint Eastwood.

In the ridiculous film Apocalypto, we are supposed to buy this as a historical drama. The dialogue is awful and the film tiresome. If you're curious, I suppose DVD is the best way to see this film. *ugh*


2 Dollar Productions said...

I believe what you said about Shrek 3 as it looked fairly lazy and like a blatant money-grab to me (and I hear they're already shooting a 4th one).

As for Apocalyto, I was mildly surprised by this one as it was better than I thought (I went in with very low expectations.

The dialogue is inane, but there are some good camera shots and taken for a purely action-driven chase movie, it works on its own terms.

Linda said...

You are right about Apocalypto. The camera work is great and it is a decent chase film.