Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Nice and the Nasty in DVD

A smattering of "nice" films, and a few that drift toward the nasty, are out in DVD today.

Catch and Release is a good treatment of grief, unexpected discovery and friendship. I think this film will be more satisfying in DVD than the theater. I liked it.

Music and Lyrics is a sweet story of a cute girl helping a cute guy do his job .... oh yeah, and they fall for each other. Pretty predictable, but Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore do such a good job, I really didn't care.

Starting at nice, moving toward nasty, we have The Painted Veil. A couple meets, falls in love (the nice), falls out of love (the nasty) and fall back in love (oops, too late). Beautiful film and fantastic acting, this is an interesting story.

A little more nasty, is Breaking and Entering. Business partners suffer break ins at their office, and trauma at home. A good story, presented in a subtle style with strong performances and a few good twists.


Abe Froman said...

Is the painted veil anything like Junebug?

Linda said...

No, if I had to compare it to something, it's more like The English Patient. It's more epic than Junebug (though I liked Junebug too!)