Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shrek the Third

I went to see this early in the weekend so I could see it with as little preconceived notion as possible. The theater was packed, I had popcorn AND soda, the film began, I was bored. What, huh!??!? I loved the first Shrek, liked Shrek 2 even more, Shrek the Third was such a disappointment for me. The story was weak, Shrek trying to get out of being king and scared of becoming a father. The first few scenes were such downers, a funeral, a bar room brawl and a visit to a high school with all the angst hanging out. The only mildly funny part, for me, was an encounter with Merlin the Magician (yet a little disturbing, as he had no pants) with a little spell gone wrong that gave Donkey and Puss something to work with. There are attempts at creativity and humor that fall flat, and I'm guessing from the lack of laughter in the theater, went right over the heads of the kids I saw this with. The narcoleptic Sleeping Beauty still cracks me up, but there was not enough of her. Best I can say is that Shrek the Third is OK. The redeeming quality is that the animation is still stellar, this is a great looking movie.