Monday, April 18, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival Day Three

A crisp day in Brooklyn starts with a dog walk around the hood. Pups seem happy to be out. Now that the weekend is over, the train schedule is back to normal. A ride into the village to wander Washington Square Park a bit, then south to Tribeca. I meet my friend Lucy at Walker's for a little rose, a sandwich and wonderful conversation.  A walk to Regal Cinemas for the film All We Had is sunny and pleasant. Katie Holmes and Eve Lindley conduct the Q&A after the film. Holmes' daughter Suri is in the audience and it turns out it is her birthday! Cute mother-daughter moment. I return to Brooklyn to feed the dogs and grab a bite to eat myself. Then back to the Regal for a screening of Don't Think Twice. After the film Mike Birbiglia invites anyone who worked on the film to the stage for the Q&A. His joy, enthusiasm and inclusiveness was so sweet. It was cool to see Ira Glass and Keegan Michael Key there as well. They told many funny stories from the making of the film. What a treat! Walking back to the subway I pass The Palm. Looking in the window I notice a familiar face painted on the wall. Smiling back at me is a caricature of Randi's cousin Cathy! So cute. Another cool star sighting. What a fun day!

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