Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival Day Five

Spending the morning with the dogs and relaxing in DUMBO, I'm feeling the melancholy of my last days at Tribeca Film Festival. I make my way to Chelsea and find a stool at the bar at East of Eighth. Regular locals are chatting, the music on the bartender's iPhone is pleasant and the vibe is good. I order wine and french fries and have a nice chat with a woman named Stella. Crossing the street to the SVA Theater I am very excited about this afternoon's program. Jane Rosenthal takes the podium and the guest arrives. To say that seeing Francis Ford Coppola in person is impressive is an understatement. The man is calm, low-key and eloquent. He talked about working on films back in the day and the future of the medium. He predicted and embraces digital technology. He talked about his wineries and thanked the audience for buying his products. As the moderator wrapped the event, Coppola said, "that's it?" I think he would have enjoyed speaking longer. Leaving the theater, I head north to Times Square to buy a mini-poster of Fun Home for my collection. Arriving as the matinees are getting out is a nightmare. I swung by the stage door of Hamilton to see if I can see any of the performers, but a man comes out of the door and says that no one is coming out today. I get my poster and navigate Times Square shoulder to shoulder with the crowd to the subway. Stopping for a snack of chicken wings at Mudville 9 is a good end to another good day.

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