Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival Day Six

Waking up on my last day at Tribeca Film Festival I have a girl-on-a-mission feeling. I have one more film to see and I want to spend a little more time in the neighborhood. My first stop is lunch at the Tribeca Grill. This restaurant is a favorite stop in Tribeca. The food is good and folks very friendly. I make sure to tell the bartender to tell the powers that be that they do a great job. The day is sunny so a walk to the 9/11 Memorial Park is next on my agenda. The trees are starting to blossom and there is a serenity there that pleases me. Crossing the street to Brookfield Place, I find an art installation of inflated white rabbits called Intrude by Amanda Parer. There is a whimsy to this ambitious project and it makes me happy. Walking north through Rockefeller Park I enjoy the sights of the greening lawn, blossoming flowers and a flurry of activities of people of all ages. This is one of my favorite parks in NYC. My walk ends on a stool at The Palm where a glass of wine and the news of Prince's passing meets me. My sadness of the news is tempered by two women in their 70s enjoying Cosmopolitans down the bar. I mentally dub them Senior-Sex in the City. Back at the Regal Cinema for A Kind of Murder, I can feel the film festival winding down. I enjoyed the film, but was disappointed that there was no Q&A. Returning to Edward's, I finish my film festival week where I began. A bowl of soup sets me right for my final ride back to Brooklyn. Back in the hood, I stop in to Superfine for a happy hour cocktail, grab a few groceries and go home to the pups. The kids come home tonight and my film festival week ends. It has been amazing. Thanks to Tribeca Film Festival, the neighborhoods of NYC and all of the friends and family who made this week so much fun.

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