Saturday, April 16, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival Day One

Arriving in DUMBO for the week, I am thrilled to see that Colossal Media is busy re-painting the billboard across the street. This is my view and watching these guys painstakingly paint a beautiful mural is one of my guilty pleasures. This will be the third one I've watched them create. Walking the dogs and hanging out with them until mid afternoon, I head to Tribeca for my first film of TFF. walking the Brooklyn Bridge on a sunny spring Saturday was a challenge. Tourists were in strong numbers. A walk around the neighborhood takes me to Walker's to make reservations for Monday and I kill a little time at the bar at Edward's. I meet my friend Mary Catherine at BMCC for the premier screening of Youth in Oregon. An excellent film about the issues of voluntary end of life. Most of the cast, the director, writer and producers conduct a nice Q & A and at the end the director had anyone on the crew in the theater to stand up. It was a good sized group and I think they were all pleased with how well the film was received. Heading out into the neighborhood we make a stop in to Read Street Pub for a drink and discussion. When I go to the subway to go back to Brooklyn I learn that trains I need are not running, so I hoof it across the bridge. Not part of the plan, but it was ok. First day of TFF a success.

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