Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Francis Ford Coppola

Among all the film I saw at Tribeca Film Festival I took a break to go a discussion panel with Francis Ford Coppola. I have seen most of his filmography and have consumed a fair amount of his wine. I think he was sincere when he invited everyone to the vineyard. He spoke of digital media (he predicted it and embraces it), long-form TV and serial film (he's writing one now) and bragged about his wife making her first film at the age of 82 (inspiring for women of any age). He talked a little bit about past projects, most references led to Apocalypse Now. He spoke of the difficulty, fear and expense of making those early films. ($39 million financed at 29% interest) It was obvious that the man loves his family and his home. He is still creating and works with students and academics on dramatic projects. At 77 years old he has a 5 year plan to take him into his 80s that he's happy with. I'm glad he shared it with us. What a nice afternoon.

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