Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tribeca Film Festival Day Four

Staying up late has not kept me from waking up early, so I took advantage of the early hour to visit 9/11 Memorial Park. It was open to the public and at this time of day, quiet and respectful. It was just what I was hoping for. One World Trade sits to the north and the museum to the east. I don't think I'll ever be able to go in the museum. Most of the construction is finished, so the fences and noise is minimal. Glad I visited the park early. Walking north, Square Diner was my choice for a hearty breakfast. My first film is at noon so the meal strategy is important. I started walking north on West Broadway looking fro Tribeca Park. When I got there I realized that I was almost to Canal. Since I was headed to East Houston and had plenty of time I decided to walk. Arriving at Landmark Sunshine in time to see Wild Tales, I was the only one in the theater. Private screening it is, what a crazy film! I had calculated my subway transfers just right so that I would be at the Regal in time to get a good seat for the film Anesthesia. A very interesting man sat next to me and our conversation made the half hour wait fly. The film was outstanding and Tim Blake Nelson gave a heartfelt Q&A. I met Liza back at the hotel and we went to Edward's for an early dinner. The restaurant was quiet and we shared a bottle of wine, a lovely meal and great conversation. Once seated in the theater for A Faster Horse we realize that the theater sells beer. I was amused by the rules surrounding the sale of the beverage, especially the lime green wristband I had to wear. Too funny. The film was great and we discussed it over a stop in to Atrio Wine Bar in the lobby of the Conrad Hotel. Walking back to my hotel through the 9/11 Memorial Park, we decide that a snack was in order so we go to Sazon for wings and a beverage. Very nice finish on the night. As Liza heads home to Brooklyn, I check my Fitbit. 10 miles walked today. What a great day!

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