Saturday, April 25, 2015

Live From New York!

I was in college when Saturday Night Live came on the air. It was edgy, it was revolutionary, it was funny. It was a show my friends and I looked forward to every week. Over the last 40 years it has evolved and grown, but still strives for that edgy, late night laugh. The documentary Live From New York! opened Tribeca Film Festival and they scheduled extra screenings. This made it much easier for this average Joe to get a ticket and walk down memory lane with the wonderful late-night show. Making my way to the theater through the World Financial Center, I arrive an hour early for the film and am still 50 people back in line. Ahhh film festival. When the film began, I was treated to over an hour of clips, stories and history surrounding this iconic television show. The director and producers conducted an interesting Q&A with lots of stories and personal memories. I felt very satisfied by my last film at Tribeca Film Festival.

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