Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Day Three

Waking up to a warmer day I head for the Brooklyn Bridge to walk to DUMBO to visit Liza, Fiona and Mason. They are ready to roll when I get there and we head to the sandbox playground. The kids play in the sand and Fiona gets me to climb into spaces that are a bit too small for my adult size, but I can't turn down the requests of a 2 year old. We work our way back to the apartment through more playgrounds and enjoy the warmth of the morning sun. After lunch I make my way back across the bridge as the skies fill with ominous clouds. An afternoon subway ride takes me to Chelsea in time to meet Randi for dinner at East of Eighth. After tasty food, a nice bottle of wine and wonderful conversation we cross the street to the SVA Theater for a special screening of Misery Loves Comedy. When Kevin Pollak, Jim Norton and Lewis Black take the stage after the film, Randi looks at Black and says "hey, I've met that guy, he's hilarious!" As we leave the theater I run into Jim Norton and have a chance to gush a little about his work and comedy. The subway returns me to Tribeca and another wonderful day of vacation goes in the books.

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