Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Day Two

In the interest of exploring as much of NYC as I can this week, I get up, grab a coffee from the cart across the street, shower and dress. A subway ride puts me in Washington Square Park, where I am approached twice for directions, watch a street crew perform ballet, get an offer to play chess from an elderly gentleman and get asked by a perky production assistant if I want to be on TV with Stacy London. Whew!! I declined the chess game and TV invitation in the interest of time and my fear of cameras. I was not going to appear on the air with the lovely Ms. London in a purple hoodie. With a smile on my face, I head over to the IFC Center for a screening of Clouds of Sils Maria. Wonderful, thought provoking film. A quick walk to MacDougal Street has me on a stool at the bar at The Olive Tree Cafe for lunch and lovely conversation. A slow walk back through SOHO gave me just enough time to change before meeting my friend Lucy for Dinner at Max on Duane Street. After a delicious meal we walked to the Regal Theater where we were seated for Grandma, a film we really enjoyed. We were also treated to a Q&A with the director, Paul Weitz, and both lead actresses, Lily Tomlin and Julia Garner. It was quite a thrill. After the film we stopped in the the bar at The Smyth Hotel to discuss the movie and finish our visit. As I walked back to the Cosmopolitan from the City Hall subway stop I was feeling pretty good about my first full day of vacation. Thanks NYC!

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