Friday, April 24, 2015

Tribeca Film Festival 2015 Day Five

My late night with Liza had me moving slowly this morning, but I would not be averted from my plan to see Adult Beginners at the Angelika this morning. A quick subway ride to Houston Street and I was seated with a coffee for a light, pleasant film. With a plan for lunch, I took the subway to Rockefeller Center and worked my way west for a bite at Rosie O'Grady's. Fortified by sliders and fries I walked over to Broadway and 53rd Street to take one last look at the Late Show marquee outside the Ed Sullivan Theater. David Letterman's face rode a large banner on the side of the building and I just stood on the sidewalk thinking about how much pleasure this show has brought me over the years. Walking by the Hello Deli I spotted Rupert inside in an intense conversation with an employee. Cool star sighting for this Letterman Show fan. The day was cool and breezy so my next stop was Emmit O'Lunny's for a creamy onion soup that hit the spot. With time to kill, I realize that I have not visited the Tribeca Grand yet. Positioned at the end of the bar, with a Cosmo in front of me, I see an official looking paper on the bar next to me in front of the young man with his back to me. Noticing that he and the 3 people with him are dressed very fancy for the middle of the afternoon, I sneak a closer look at the paper and see the words "Marriage License". A look down the bar to the array of cocktails and a bouquet of roses I realize these kids just got married! Their conversation was happy and lively, I'll admit to a little eavesdropping. Next stop? SVA Theater for Tribeca Talks with Brad Bird and Janeanne Garafalo. I sat about 5th row center, had a very pleasant conversation with the young man next to me during our wait and enjoyed every second of the lively banter between Garafalo and Bird. There were stories, there were clips, there was joy. What a wonderful filmmaker! On my walk back to the subway I stopped at the Chealsea Hotel to read the plaques describing all the famous artists that have inhabited the famous building. The stories are all right there on the wall. Very cool. Exhausted, I return to Edward's for a salad, bowl of potato leek soup and a glass of wine. Back at the hotel, I put my feet up and feel pretty happy about my last night in Tribeca. What a day!

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