Monday, November 10, 2008

DVD Binge

Since there is nothing for me to comment on in newly released DVD this week, I thought I'd share my recent DVD purchases. This week, I received an e-mail from Netflix saying that as of Nov 3oth they will no longer sell previously viewed DVDs. They have great prices, good selection and pristine DVDs. I snapped up 9 titles. Some for me, some will be gifts. My point here is, if you want gently used DVDs at great prices, check it out .... Here's what I bought:

There Will be Blood - mine
The Kite Runner - gift
Wordplay - gift
Shine a Light - mine
Atonement - mine
The Host - gift
Lonely Hearts - mine
Once - mine
Volver - gift


Anonymous said...

I've only seen There Will be Blood, Atonement, The Host and Once from those. Once is simply brilliant, and I'll happily watch it again a few times just for the music.

Linda said...

Jorn~Once is a beautiful film. I've given it as a gift several times, so now it's time for my own copy. I have the soundtrack on my iPod, listen to it all the time.