Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thankful for Barden's Casting

Over at LAMB, they're asking what movie folks, outside of actors and directors, we're thankful for. Through my volunteering at film festival, I've been fortunate to meet my share of film folks.

Years ago, I met the casting director Kerry Barden. At the time, we chatted weather and travel, he's very handsome. Yes, I was flirting. I was a volunteer, we never met again. (The event was a discussion panel about independent film, for the Newport Intl. Film Festival.) Until the panel began, I did not know his credentials, it's an impressive list. Ever since this encounter, I get a kick out of picking a movie, then seeing his name in the credits. I usually like the casts he and his team assemble. When we premiered Evening in Newport, last year, it was cool to see Barden's name on the casting credit. Now that was an amazing cast! A nice guy with quite a career. Look forward to his future projects.

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