Sunday, November 16, 2008

Four Years, 1028 Posts

No, this is not a movie title, it's the four year anniversary of this blog ! I started writing here when Melanie and Joe were engaged. They had a wedding blog, I was intrigued with the concept. At first I thought I'd blog random thoughts, thus the motherofthebride url. Melanie suggested that I write about something I was passionate about .... movies. Is This Seat Taken? was born.

As an avid movie lover, I had been keeping a paper journal of the films I'd seen. The blog was a better place for these thoughts, because here, they can be shared. I'm often asked about what's in theaters, because I see a lot of movies. It's not like I have any great knowledge when it comes to film, but I'm always happy to share why I liked a film. I know I have benefited from the advice of people who's taste in film is similar to mine. If I can share my thoughts with others, and help people decide what to see, that's a nice thing.

This blog is also a place I like to share stories of things that happen to me in the theater. There's always that odd, funny encounter that makes a good story. Over the years I've had fun posting my film festival adventures, stories of film folks I've met and things that happen to me when I go to the movies.

I have readers (that I know about) in New York, Texas, North Dakota, Canada, the UK, Arizona, Minnesota, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey, South Carolina and right here in lil' ol' Rhode Island. Love getting comments! So, thanks for reading here, and I'll keep posting.


2 Dollar Productions said...


4 years is impressive, and I bet it's fun to look back at the wide range of movies you've seen and reviewed. It's been fun reading them for sure, especially as a fellow movie-lover.

Finally, excellent Bond review as I agree and posted my own review today. It was solid and workmanlike, but a little violent and not enough fun was shown to make it a truly great entry I thought.

Linda said...

2D~It IS fun to look back. Glad you've enjoyed reading here. Thanks for reading and commenting. Stay tuned .....