Sunday, June 01, 2008

We Own the Night

We Own the Night is a typical drug lords vs cops story. A family rules the cop side, there is conflict and angst. Melodramatic and dark, not a happy film, but an OK rental.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Good review as that's exactly what I thought this one looked like from the previews. I keep meaning to rent it.

And could you believe how much money Sex and the City made? I was a little surprised.

Linda said...

2D~Welcome back! Rent this one with low expectations.

I thought Sex and the City would do about $40 mil, I was amazed at the weekend box office. In Jersey, my daughter said that on Friday, the soonest she could find tickets online was Sunday. Around here, the local TV news was hanging outside the local multiplex talking to all the groups of women going to the movie with their friends. And they all wore pretty shoes!! : )

Anonymous said...

I was actually a bit surprised at how much I enjoyed "We Own the Night". On the one hand it is pretty typical of the genre but I thoroughly enjoyed the execution, not to mention that I thought the film looked fantastic. Only a mild recommendation from me as well but it did do a few things right.

Linda said...

Marina~Agree with you on the style, just very dark. I also liked Mendez and Phoenix together.