Saturday, June 07, 2008

NIFF 2008 (what day is it?)

I've been a bit distracted with a family emergency, so I'm a little out of sync to what day of the week it is. Now that things are sorted out , I'm back at the Newport Film Festival and it's closing night. I arrived in time to catch a presentation by Pixar animator and director, Jim Capobianco, who presented the short film Your Friend the Rat, made for the DVD of Ratatouille, and a "making of" program. It was interesting. The closing night film was The Wackness. The line went around the corner by the time we were able to seat the film. A lot of laughter came from the theater and there were many positive comments coming out of the theater. The last program was two short films. I got to sit down for the second, Academy Award nominated short documentary, La Corona. The story of a beauty pageant held in a Colombian women's prison. Interesting stuff. The first heat wave of the season is upon us, but with the ocean as a natural air conditioner, it was 93 degrees at my house and 75 degrees in Newport, what a beautiful day!

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