Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

The pleasure was all mine when I went to see The Incredible Hulk today. Marvel has figured out that their superheros just need good actors and a simple story to entertain the movie masses. They did it with Iron Man, and now, with the Hulk. Edward Norton is another actor I just adore. I was skeptical when he was cast as Bruce Banner, the scientist who turns into the green monster when he gets angry. I was wrong, he plays the character to perfection. In an effort toward anger management, he disappears to South America after an ugly incident. His return is subtle, rational and necessary. Liv Tyler does a nice job as his paramour, Tim Roth is menacing, William Hurt is ruthless and Tim Blake Nelson is engaging, all build their characters nicely. The action sequences are pretty cool. As one young member of the audience observed, "he's a good jumper!" There are two cameo appearances to watch for, from stars of the TV series (no spoilers here). Well done, a highly entertaining superhero action film to add to the summer roster. I especially liked the ending, as General Ross asks, "who's we?". Nice job!


Rita said...

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Linda said...

Thanks Rita, I enjoy reading LAMB. I've found a lot of good sites through their fine work.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I was hoping you'd review 'Hulk.' I'm also glad you liked it because I also enjoy Norton, but wasn't sold on this one.

The cast is very good as it's good to see Roth back on-screen as well.

Linda said...

2D~Roth is great in this. Just a fun, simple action flick. So far, the summer releases have been pretty solid. Hope the streak continues!