Saturday, June 28, 2008

Harold and Maude

My Netflix que has swelled since AFI put out the last 10 Top 10 list. First up today is Harold and Maude. Harold is a neurotic teen who fakes suicides to get his mother's attention. He is obsessed with death and destruction. He attends funerals ad demolitions. Maude is an eccentric 80 year old woman who loves life, growth and has a penchant for driving off in the closest available vehicle. The two become friends. Maude is a free spirit, with very little grounding in the real world, she is delicious! A dark comedy with many laugh out loud moments and a wonderful comment on living life with a Shakespearean ending, brilliant!


Anonymous said...

I will NEVER forget the opening scene of that film. I saw it in highschool (ah, the liberal English teacher and AP English) and have loved it since!

Linda said...

Marina~Agreed, that scene is truly memorable. I can't believe how long it took me to see this beautiful film. It will join my DVD collection.