Monday, June 09, 2008

Buddies, Boleyns and Bullies in DVD

In DVD this week, there's the buddy film The Bucket List. Two men with a cancer diagnosis go on the adventure of a lifetime. The medical scenes are intense, but this is worth seeing. The Other Boleyn Girl tells the brutal story of how Henry VIII treated women like objects. History in very simple terms. Funny Games is a remake of the German classic by the same director. A brutal home invasion is a manipulative turn from a director who screws with the audience and their thirst for violence.


2 Dollar Productions said...

Did you like Funny Games? I can't decide as I bet it's interesting, but I have a feeling I won't leave in a good mood.

Linda said...

2D~Funny Games is intense and disturbing. I can't say I liked it. If you're curious, it's worth a rental to see how a director can manipulate the audience. This one will not leave you with a good feeling.