Sunday, June 29, 2008


I've seen so many good films in the last week, and Wanted joined the list today. The bloody story of an ancient group of assassins is stylish and thrilling. And might I say, though Angelina Jolie has worked hard on the dramatic work in her career, I really like her as a bad ass. The story is interesting, the casting strong and the action sequences explosive. The designers of the action scenes did a great job with the filming, editing and style. There's a train scene near the end, that plays out like a crazy ballet of chase, gun play and thrills. Another great summer action flick, we're on a roll!


Ryan McNeil said...

A cool shoot-em-up indeed. I don't think there's an actress working who does the gun-toting-sex-bomb bit better than Angelina.

Linda said...

Mad Hatter~Jolie does this role proud.