Thursday, May 01, 2008

TIFF 2008 Day Two

Though I have all my tickets for the film festival, this morning my mission was to obtain tickets for the opening night of Iron Man. The Regal Theater at Battery Park is not as busy as the mid-town theaters, but I like to have tickets in hand. I arrived at the theater before the box office opened, but the ticket kiosks were working, so I had two tickets in short order. There is a DSW in the building, so I felt drawn to the clearance racks. A sassy pair of red high heels found their way into my shoe collection, it was a productive morning. Strolled back to the hotel through Rockefeller Park and enjoyed the river, the kids playing, elderly folks doing tai chi, students on their lunch break and the sparkling morning sunshine. I grabbed a quick bite at the New York City Hot Dog Company, home of every kind of hot dog known to man, and headed to the subway. Back to the AMC 19 for a screening of the comedy thriller Baghead. An excellent film! I shopped my way back to the hotel. Scored a new purse and a few scarves (it's a little cooler than I expected) on Canal Street. Liza met me for dinner at Mary Ann's, a cool little Mexican restaurant *delish*. Then off to the theater for Iron Man. Of course we stopped in to DSW again, and this time, Liza found a pair of red, platform high heels ... sweet! The movie was great, the shopping was great, the food was great...... hmm, another great day! On the way home, I declared this "the day of the red high heels", stay tuned......

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