Saturday, May 03, 2008

TIFF 2008 Day Four

The weather has turned grey and damp, so I don one of my new scarves, and head out to meet my friend Catherine for breakfast at Little Place. After breakfast, a brisk walk north took me to the IFC Film Center to see the film Mister Lonely. The film center is lovely, and the film was cool. Headed over to the east village to kill a little time before my last screening. Cafe Deville on 3rd Avenue was a great find for a glass of wine and a snack. Bart Got a Room was my final screening of the film festival. A charming story of teen angst, centering on the prom. Great film with a Q&A by the director and lead actor. On my way back to the hotel, I stopped at a party at the west village apartment of one of Liza and Ryan's friends. A subway ride back to Tribeca and I stopped in to the new Barnes & Noble to pick up a few gifts. A huge slice of Brick Oven pizza was my dinner, as I wound down from a great time here in New York. Heading home tomorrow, it's been fun!

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