Monday, October 08, 2007

Angst and the Almighty in DVD this week

In DVD this week, the film Reign Over Me hits the shelves. This drama looks at post traumatic stress syndrome in a man who lost his family in one of the plane crashes on 9/11/01. A worthwhile drama. In the comedy Evan Almighty, the subject of divine intervention gets a new twist with crazy special effects. Enjoy!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I almost saw 'Reign' in theatres, but figured it wouldn't lose much in the transition to the small screen.

I'll have to pick that one up. As for 'Evan,' I like Carrell, but it's still staggering to me how this was the most expensive comedy ever made.

Not the wisest production choice.

Linda said...

Hey 2D ... Reign Over Me should work well as a rental. Evan Almighty will do well in DVD, they'll need it considering the miserable box office. I liked it, but I think Bruce Almighty was better.