Monday, October 15, 2007

Aliens, Allies, Alienation, Amo...a big week in DVD!

It's a big week for DVD releases, so here we go. All I can say about Transformers is WOO HOO!!! Such a fun film with great action and a sense of humor. In the middle east, Mariane Pearl tries to make sense of the senseless murder of her husband. A Mighty Heart is a melancholy story of love and politics. In The Hoax a desperate writer tells a story that never happened, way to lose your credibility! Finally, the first film in the Grindhouse double feature, Planet Terror, stands on its own. A super shoot 'em up, Rose McGowan plays one bad-ass-one-legged-chick (you can't say that about too many folks!) Something for everyone ... enjoy!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I want to rent Planet Terror, however, I'm trying to not have anything to do with Grindhouse (aka not giving them any money) until they put them together as they should be.

We'll see how my resolve holds.

I'm going to catch Michael Clayton tonight, and possibly Gone Baby Gone later this weekend.

Linda said...

Hey 2D! I'm waiting for the Grindhouse films to be released together to buy them. It will happen eventually.

No travel this weekend, so I'll be camped out at the multiplex! Gone Baby Gone is in my plan, along with The Darjeeling Limited, Rendition, Elizabeth (for the costumes and Clive Owen *sigh*) and a sneak preview of Dan in Real Life .... yes filmed here in lil ol' RI. Good stuff! Have a great weekend!!