Friday, October 26, 2007

Dan in Real Life

Simply put, Dan in Real Life is just a nice movie. This is the story of a man, Dan Burns, who has been widowed and has three daughters. On his way to a family reunion, he runs into a charming woman in a store. They have coffee, they talk, she reluctantly gives him her phone number when they part. On the arrival of his siblings at the reunion, his brother shows up with his new girlfriend. Yes, it's the woman Dan just met! The family dynamic is explored with humor and love. This is not a new story, but I loved the characters, the interactions and the setting. This film was made in Rhode Island last year. Fun to recognize the local setting. This romantic, family comedy is sweet, funny and real, just a nice movie, enjoy!


2 Dollar Productions said...

My wife wants to see this, and I think Nice was the operative word that came to my mind during the previews.

I'm not expecting great, but it seems like a nice, solid movie. That being said, I'm probably going to see Darjeeling Limited or Into the Wild this weekend.

Linda said...

Hey 2D- all 3 are well worth seeing. Dan in Real Life could be a good date movie with the wife! Good script and solid performances, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Nice. I really enjoyed it, and could've used a tissue for a minute. The soundtrack was great too.

It's going to go into our "feel-good" movie collection when it comes out on DVD.

Thanks, Linda!

Linda said...

Glad you liked it. I teared up a couple of times. Agree with you on the music. Thought it was great that the band who played all the original music was in that final scene!