Sunday, October 28, 2007

Elizabeth : The Golden Age

The joy of my Oscar project, is seeing so much great film. The curse of my Oscar project, is keeping an eye out for that not-so-great film that might get nominated for something like costumes, makeup, score, etc. This time of year, the film might not be out in DVD by February. This is part of the game for me. Thanks to sites like I have a lot of help. Thus, I went to see Elizabeth: The Golden Age for two reasons. One, it will probably be nominated for the costumes, and two, it won't be out in DVD till March.

Fortunately, this film was better than I expected. First of all, we have Clive Owen in the role of Sir Walter Raleigh. He's on my list of actors I'd watch read the phone book. And an impressive performance from Cate Blanchett, again, cast as the Virgin Queen (not sure why folks are so obsessed with this). For a period film it plays out well, and thankfully they kept it to 2 hours. An amazing cast made this worth seeing. Most notable Geoffrey Rush, Samantha Morton and Abbie Cornish. Will it get nominated for the costumes? I'd say yes, and possibly cinematography ... well done!

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