Sunday, October 14, 2007

Michael Clayton

The legal drama Michael Clayton is a smart thriller. A legal "fixer" has to sort out a mess left by one of his colleagues in a class action law suit against a large corporation. I liked that the characters are flawed, and the legal system and big business take a bit of a dressing down. Though George Clooney plays a strong, vulnerable, persistent Michael Clayton, Tom Wilkinson's performance as the whistle blower really gives the film it's tone and impact.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I was hoping you'd review this one & Into the Wild.

Wild isn't showing in Austin yet, but I plan to see Clayton this coming weekend. It just seems like a very well-done, "adult" film.


Linda said...

My pleasure 2D, I liked both of these films. Had to go to Boston to see Into the Wild, it's not showing in RI either. Enjoy!