Monday, September 17, 2007

Sports and Speed on DVD

We are Marshall is a very cool film about the rebuilding of the Marshall University football team, after a tragic accident. Out in DVD this week, this film is well worth renting.

Half of the Grindhouse release is out in DVD this week. Death Proof is a story of a stunt driver and his collision with his match. Classic Tarantino!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I'm seriously pissed they split Grindhouse into two halves, although I knew those greedy bastards would after it bombed at the box office.

But that is the experience of the movie, and I'm not buying either until I see if they put them out together like they should be.

Obviously, I'm a little angry about this.

Linda said...

I know what you mean 2D. Grindhouse was all about the multi-film experience. These films will look very different seperately. I think there are a lot of motivations in splitting them up, I'm sure one is sales.