Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eastern Promises

I traveled to Boston to see Eastern Promises. Glowing reviews, stars I adore, award winner, a no-brainer ..... right? I wish I could say I liked this film. The acting was outstanding, it was well shot, but what the heck with the story!?!? I'm with the bloody opening scenes, the parallel stories of good guys and bad guys. This film has one of the most dramatic, violent fight sequences on film. They lost me when the bad guys were just mob thugs. I really wasn't even that worried about the good guys .... almost boring. Even at the point of reveal, someone behind me said it out loud in relief. The ending was so flat, it made me sad. I've read a few reviews that said the reviewer wanted to see the film again to form a full opinion. C'mon, we should get it first time around.

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