Saturday, September 29, 2007

Hotel Chevalier

I am not that gaga about Wes Anderson, but I will say that I'm impressed with his short film Hotel Chevalier. (It is available free on iTunes) In 13 minutes I was drawn to a man and his angst through intimate lighting, beautiful set design and damn near perfect camera-work. I've watched it a few times, and every time I see something new. For me, an intriguing piece.


2 Dollar Productions said...

I've read good things about this short, and I think they are showing it prior to the Darjeeling Limited. I will likely see both soon enough.

I did see Eastern Promises (review now up) and agreed w/ you about the ending.

Linda said...

I've read that they are showing this with only SOME showings of Darjeeling Limited .... I say let it lose and put it out there. I'd love to see shorts before features, this one is definatly worth a look.