Sunday, September 09, 2007

2 Days in Paris

I have tolerant friends. I visited my college room mate this weekend. She lives in London, and summers in nearby Connecticut. Amidst everything she had to do for her return to London this week, she joined me to see 2 Days in Paris last night. I know she had better things to do, but she indulged me.

Things heard on our way to the film:
Leaving a cookout: "2 Days in Paris? That can't be a movie, I'VE never heard of it." *ugh*
In line: "Two for 2 Weeks in Paris."
"Two for 2 Hours in Paris." *the poster was right in front of them!!! *

The film? I really enjoyed it. Julie Delpy wrote, directed and starred (though she gave Adam Goldberg top billing) in this romantic, comedic satire. A NY couple, (he's American, she's French) spends 2 days in Paris, after 2 weeks in Venice, to retrieve their cat and cell phone. Confusion and comedy ensue as they run into men from the French woman's past. There are misunderstandings, raunchy references (her father is indescribable) and awkward reunions. A fun, volatile, thought provoking film for me. Well done!


2 Dollar Productions said...

I've been wanting to see this for a few weeks since it came to Austin, and thanks for the review.

I'll definitely rent it, and I'm still trying to get out to see it, but this is the time of year where a lot of good projects starting to come out.

Linda said...

I think you'd like this, it will be a good rental.