Sunday, September 23, 2007

Mary Poppins : Screen to Stage

My kids are very thoughtful. They know how much I love Broadway, they know how much I love Mary Poppins. For my birthday, they took me to see the new Disney production of Mary Poppins on Broadway. Very appropriate since the film Mary Poppins was released on my 8th birthday! Thankfully, it is not a remake of the film. I did not want to compare the two. They use a lot of the original score and story, but there is new music, choreography and characters. It was incredible! The audience, full of kids, parents and grandparents, was almost as entertaining as the show. We had a wonderful time, thanks guys!!


Anonymous said...

I would have liked some horses instead of live statues, but, yes it was surely entertaining!! Glad you had fun, we sure did...LOVE YA! LIZA

Linda said...

I'm guessing that live animals on stage pose their own problems. Probably why Disney used animation! I had a blast! Luv, Mum